evil eye

evil eye

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

one malaysia


a malay girl with her rice and chicken,
a punjabi girl with her capati and dal.

both in one room,
on the floor,
eating and feeding each other.

6months ago we were strangers but now we're practically SOULMATES!!!
we kinda do everything together.
eventhough she is half my size but we fit each other's clothes.

we may be from different walks of life but that doesn't stop us form being US.
without saying a word, we can read each others thoughts.
thats practically the coolest thing that i can do with her.

being soulmates and so close to each other doesn't mean that we have to get married..
(hell NO)
but i know for sure she's a person i'll never forget.
in fact she's my first follower!

now thats what i call ONE MALAYSIA!!

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